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Let's Bring Your Writing Dreams to Life: Collaborate with Me

Unlock your full writing potential. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned writer, I’m here to help you bring your ideas to life, refine your craft, and navigate the ever-changing publishing industry.

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Editing Services

Every writer has a unique vision and voice. Through copy and line editing, my goal is to help bring that vision to life while ensuring that your ideas are presented as clearly as possible. Copyediting focuses on spelling, grammar and punctuation. Line editing examines the language used to communicate your story by addressing creative content, word choice and writing style. Let’s make sure that your writing is polished and professional, while still retaining the heart and soul of your original work. Whether you’re looking to publish your first novel, submit a memoir, or polish up your website copy, I’m here to collaborate with you and facilitate your writing success.

Book Signing/Reading

I’m passionate about teaching children to stay safe. Reading Safety Safari is always a special experience. Engaging children in discussion and watching them process valuable information is extremely rewarding and beneficial. It could save lives. I cherish interaction with our youth and welcome invitations to read and sign Safety Safari. Parents, caregivers and educators know the importance of safety education. By providing a safety resource, I hope I have made it easier to open up a dialogue with children on topics that are critical but are oftentimes uncomfortable and scary. I look forward to reading and/or signing Safety Safari at your school, event or gathering!


I’m committed to nurturing the creativity and passion of aspiring writers of all ages. Workshops are designed to help children and adults alike, develop their writing skills, explore new genres, and gain the confidence they need to become successful writers. Perhaps you’re interested in cursive handwriting classes. Cursive handwriting trains the brain to integrate visual and tactile information, and helps fine motor dexterity. Or, you may enjoy creative writing workshops to develop your storytelling abilities. I’m passionate about sharing my insight and knowledge to help you achieve your writing goals. Whether you’re an aspiring writer looking to hone your craft, or simply looking for a fun and creative outlet, my workshops have something for everyone. Let’s unlock your writing potential!

Share and Donate Safety Safari

Companies and individuals generously sponsor and donate Safety Safari to make it available to vulnerable populations.

It warms my heart to know that many nonprofits utilize Safety Safari in their programs, including the nonprofit for whom I currently work as Director of Philanthropy.

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