JoEllen Wilhoite

Angle Up

From Perfect Circles to Published Author:

Discovering My Passions for Writing and Advocacy

Hi, I'm JoEllen.

As far back as I can remember, I have always loved to write. My parents, who both began their careers as educators, say I drew perfect circles all over pieces of paper when I was not quite two years old.  I began journaling and developed my lifelong love of lists in 4th grade. In the 6th grade, I wrote my first book titled Melanie

Advocate for Children

I have been an advocate for children since I, myself, was a child. I was a sister who defended my younger brother on more than one occasion. Sometimes this required harsh words and other times it required a physical battle. Later, I was a teenager who noticed and took action when other kids were tormented. It was often a helpless feeling to be a child defending and protecting other children. Still, I was willing to stand up to people who were bigger, older and often had more authority.

While completing my degree at Western Kentucky University, I spent summers providing much needed healthcare to underserved populations. I obtained my degree with majors in Psychology and Sociology and a minor in Criminology. Through work in the equine industry, radio and television advertising, and eventually my own media buying agency, I gained business, public relations and marketing experience. I was a Court Appointed Special Advocate, a long-term member of Bluegrass Crime Stoppers, and served on the Specialized Alternatives for Families and Youth (SAFY) State Advisory Board. All of the positions I have held have allowed me to hone my writing skills. Compiling stallion portfolios for breedings, creating proposals and copy for advertising clients, and developing marketing content and press releases to promote my company, provided style variety which strengthened my writing.  

My Inspiration

After I had my son, Caelin, my own childhood experiences became more relevant. I started to take, personally, the role that caring adults should have. While he was a baby, I had time to volunteer for the Court Appointed Special Advocate program. Training and association through CASA helped me see the vital needs children have for nurturing, guidance and support. Combining my love for writing and my passion for helping others, led me to write my interactive children’s safety book, Safety Safari, a resource for children, caregivers and educators. This was just the beginning of my writing journey. We have so many facets to explore!

Join me to examine various writing avenues!