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Teaching elementary age children to stay safe while inspiring them to write. Providing writing and publishing insights to all ages. Encouraging creative expression from everyone.

The beginning of my story...

I have always loved to write! My journaling and detailed list making began in 4th grade. As a 6th grader, I wrote my first book in a spiral notebook. In addition, I have been an advocate for children since I, myself, was a child, defending my younger brother and standing up to bullies.

In college, I obtained my degree with studies in psychology, sociology and criminology. An array of unique employment positions, including my own media buying agency, sharpened my writing skills.

After becoming a mother, my passion for writing and desire to help children feel safe, led me to write an interactive children’s safety book called Safety Safari. This was just the beginning of my writing journey. I’m excited to have you join me as we examine and explore various writing avenues. What’s your story? Let’s discover it together!

“Find ways to incorporate the activities and dreams that brought you joy as a child into your adult life.”

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– It’s extremely satisfying to facilitate your vision through line editing and copyediting your written work.


Children and adults, alike, ask me how to become a writer and then get published. I’m happy to share:

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Book Signing/Reading

– I thoroughly enjoy meeting people from all walks of life at book signings.

– It’s an absolute dream come true reading my book to children.

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Safety Safari is a wonderful interactive book that helps children learn to evaluate and respond to ambiguous situations…to know whom to trust and how to find help wherever it may be. This book encourages parents, caregivers and educators to read with their children, role play, examine the illustrations closely, and help them practice what to say and how to respond. Children should have every advantage when faced with the unknown. Join safari animals as they lead you through an amazing safety adventure on your quest to become a Safety Star!


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